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> About Our President


Kelvin Copeland has been president of Peninsula Cleaning Services since 1990.


Under his leadership, the company has grown to about 170 employees and has become the regional leader in cleaning health-care facilities.


Peninsula Cleaning Services' dominance in the local health-care arena is no coincidence. It is a direct result of Mr. Copeland sharing his knowledge and experience with the employees who make the company a model of excellence.


Mr. Copeland works in the public and private sectors. As president of PCS, he manages and oversees every facet of the business. His responsibilities include managing daily operations, strategic planning, allocating resources, creating policies and overseeing contracts and human resources.


His experience as a health department manager and as president of Peninsula Cleaning Services has made him an expert in building management for facilities as large as 100,000 square feet. His vast knowledge of building management and public health helps explain why Peninsula Cleaning Services sets the standards of cleaning in large and small health-care environments.


Simply put, the expertise Mr. Copeland has gained has allowed him to perfectly position Peninsula Cleaning Services as the best company to clean the area's hospitals, surgery centers and doctors offices.


Mr. Copeland attended Christopher Newport University in Newport News, where he earned an advanced management certificate. He also received a Virginia Contractor Officers Certification from the State of Virginia.


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