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What makes Peninsula Cleaning Services so special?


At least three things:




What types of jobs does Peninsula Cleaning Services do?


About 90 percent involves cleaning health-care related businesses, such as hospitals, surgery centers and doctors offices. It also cleans commercial buildings, churches and government buildings.


When it comes to health-care cleaning, what's the company's top goal?


Reduce the risk of contamination - and even the appearance of contamination. "By doing what we do, we keep people from getting staph infections and Hepatitis B and other infectious diseases," said owner and President Kelvin Copeland. "We help save lives."


How can the company do that so well?


Kelvin Copeland has worked as a manager in the public health sector since 1994, and he is in a unique position to know how to make public buildings as clean as possible. And he has passed that knowledge on to his employees.


Does Peninsula Cleaning Services have any other specialties?


Yes, the company has a floor division that specializes in cleaning all types of floors, and unlike other cleaning companies, Peninsula Cleaning Services owns its own equipment, and it's state-of-the-art.


Which areas does it serve?


The Virginia Peninsula, South Hampton Roads, the Williamsburg area and the Middle Peninsula.
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