Peninsula Cleaning has been in the commercial cleaning business for over 28 years, which allows us to bring a lot of experience and professionalism to every job we do! Our team is here to provide large-scale cleaning services for offices of fifty employees or more.

Commercial Cleaning Services

We will work with your company to provide the following commercial cleaning services:

  • Janitorial Services – Includes the full range of janitorial services from surface cleaning to regular disposal of office waste
  • Carpet Cleaning – Includes regular vacuuming and general carpet maintenance such as spot, stain, or spill removal
  • Floor Cleaning – Includes services such as sweeping, mopping, and general cleaning of a variety of floor types
  • Bathroom Cleaning – Services include disinfecting sinks, toilets, and other restroom facilities
  • Surface Cleaning – Includes cleaning desks and dusting office spaces such as tabletops, window sills, and technological equipment
  • Glass Cleaning – Services include streak-free window cleaning and caring for other glass surfaces within your office
  • Special Project Work – Services available upon request such as specialty carpet cleaning or floor waxing
  • Other Cleaning – Contact us to discuss additional, company-specific cleaning needs for your office space!

Whether you need regular janitorial services or a springtime deep clean of the carpets, commercial cleaning is an important part of keeping your office running smoothly and looking good for the benefit of both your clients and employees. Our professional cleaners are here to provide these necessary services to you throughout the week and always provide high-quality, professional cleaning.


As a Green Cleaning Certified company, Peninsula Cleaning can develop a green cleaning program for your business. Demonstrate the importance of sustainability and your business’s commitment to environmentally friendly practices by having our certified team use green cleaning products and practices.


In addition to these services, we can work to accommodate your company’s schedule. At Peninsula Cleaning, we have the flexibility to offer daytime, evening, or overnight cleaning services, depending on what works best for you. Additionally, we provide services multiple days each week just to ensure your office continues to look and feel fresh all the time!


At Peninsula Cleaning, we take our work seriously. That’s why we developed a system to evaluate our work regularly and ensure our cleaning is thorough and effective. We provide measurable performance, holding ourselves accountable and keeping you satisfied.

Schedule Your Commercial Cleaning Today!

For all your commercial cleaning requirements, give our professional team a call today. We will work closely with your company to ensure your space gets clean and stays that way!