What Is Commercial Cleaning: Why You Should Use a Janitorial Service

Do you want to know something unsettling about the workplace? On average, office desks and equipment are 400x dirtier than a toilet seat, and only a small percentage of offices clean their equipment to a sufficient germ-killing standard.

Offices are fast-paced environments where there isn’t always time to stay on top of what’s been cleaned, when, and by who. Offices are also more harmonious and efficient when that responsibility is handled by someone else. That’s where Peninsula Cleaning’s commercial janitorial service comes in. With over 28 years of experience in the cleaning industry, we’re proud to be one of Newport News’ finest commercial cleaning companies.

If you run an office of 50+ people, a commercial space, healthcare facility, or community center we can help keep your building clean and your employees healthy and happy.

What Is Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is the large-scale professional cleaning of offices and operated franchises. It’s natural for dust, grime, and germs to build up quickly in work environments. Without a commercial cleaner, illness can sweep easily through staff. Having a regularly cleaned office also boosts efficiency and morale.

Workspaces often need regular sweeping, mopping, and surface cleaning. We focus on anywhere that can gather dust or grime and create a customized plan/schedule for each and every one of our clients. When we clean, we use high-quality products to keep your facilities bright and fresh.

If you have important guests visiting or if the office is feeling stale, our one-time deep clean works top-to-bottom to freshen up your environment. You can also make special requests to your commercial cleaning service, like cleaning up after and event that will require extra detailed attention.

If you are concerned about bacteria and illness during flu season, our hospital grade disinfectants can deep clean your environment and give you peace of mind. We recommend this level of deep cleaning quarterly if not more frequent.

What Kind of Buildings Do Commercial Cleaners Service?

Cleanliness improves work, positively impacts mental wellbeing, and makes the workplace somewhere they genuinely enjoy being. Our goal is to do for you what we’ve done for so many businesses: to make your workplace a clean, safe, enjoyable place to be.

Alongside servicing offices and operated franchises of 50 people or more, our commercial cleaning services include but are not limited to the following settings:

  • Schools
  • Warehouses
  • Churches and places of worship
  • Lobbies and community halls
  • Meeting and conference rooms
  • Office buildings
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Ambulatory surgery centers
  • Class A Buildings

For healthcare facilities, we routinely pass all legal requirements to safely and responsibly clean them. At the heart of healthcare is well-being. It’s vital every medical facility is free of any contamination and is cleaned to the highest standard.

Our healthcare facilities cleaning staff are given annual training and only use high-quality products. We stay up to date with national certifications and compliances and follow the CDC, JCAHO, and HIPAA directives.

Does Commercial Cleaning Disinfect Surfaces and Rooms?

Yes! Creating a healthy environment that keeps everyone safe is what we do for businesses throughout Virginia.

When you arrange a commercial clean, our teams meticulously disinfect and polish every surface. We clean everything from top to bottom within your facility. Our cleaning and disinfection services and products kill any germs and viruses that might be lingering on touch-heavy surfaces, protecting you and your team and putting your best foot forward against COVID-19 and its variants.

With the rapid, international spread of COVID-19, all industries have been hit hard. More than ever, businesses understanding the importance of disinfecting and how it can keep their employees safe.

As the world returns to the office, it’s up to leaders and managers to make sure there is adequate protection in place. Viruses like norovirus and the common cold are frequently spread throughout offices. Areas like door handles, telephones, faucets, keyboards, and desks are all breeding grounds for bacteria if they aren’t cleaned regularly.

To a degree, you can manage this. Provide in-office sanitization stations, antibacterial wipes, hand gel for your employees, and educate them on the importance of washing your hands. However, having your office regularly and professionally cleaned adds that layer of protection that’ll give you added defense against viruses.

Does Commercial Cleaning Include Floors or Carpet?

Whether you have carpets or hard floors, regular floor cleaning is always included with us. If you have carpets, our carpet cleaning includes vacuuming thoroughly, carpet-washing if required, and treating any spills or stains we come across for a quality clean.

For hard floors like wood or tile, we’ll sweep and mop with a germ-killing disinfectant that leaves your office smelling fresh and clean. We also offer hard floor deep clean services. If you’ve got an area of hard floor that sees a lot of foot traffic, you’ll be amazed at the transformation after one of our teams is finished with it.

From waxing vinyl to polishing wood to deep-cleaning grout and tiles, floors always come up bright and beautiful afterward. Our cleaning service also offers furniture and upholstery cleaning. You might have an area with couches and armchairs to greet new clients or couches in break rooms for your employees to rest on during lunch.

Thanks to the nature of it, over time, grime builds up in the fabric of the furniture. Food and drink spills, dirt from shoes, or flint from your clothes can make your furniture smell, unpleasant to touch, and stain an uninviting color.

How Often Does a Janitorial Service Need to Come to My Business?

We recommend and build your custom cleaning schedule based on your facilities and needs. Commercial cleaning is completely flexible. Because we’re independently owned and operated, we work closely with every company to adapt to their needs. We’ll clean around your schedule – whether that’s during the day, in the evening after the workday has finished, or at night.

We also offer our services multiple times a week for those who want to keep their offices as clean as possible. If you’ve got a large number of employees or your business has people coming and going all day, then a multi-day per week cleaning plan is the best option. If you’re unsure what frequency is right for your business, we’ll help you figure it out with a free consultation.

How Much Does Commercial Cleaning Cost?

Because there are so many variables, it’s almost impossible to put a fixed price on any one of our commercial cleaning services. Cost depends on the size of the area that needs cleaning, whether specialist products or equipment is required, how often we clean for you, and what you’d like done. For example, you might have us come in twice a week for a regular clean and once a month for a deep clean.

The best way to know how much it’ll cost you is to fill out the box and give us as much information as you can on our Get a Quote page. We’re here to answer any of your contract or cleaning queries, to tell you more about our services, and to instill confidence in you.

We know that it can be daunting to invite strangers in to clean your place of work – an area you spend so much time in, it’s like a second home. Our staff treats every job with the utmost care and respect. After you’ve contacted us, we’ll be able to give you a detailed quote for professional cleaning, no obligation.

Hire Peninsula Cleaning and Enrich Your Office!

Now you know how having a commercial cleaning team handle your area of work will have a positive impact on your health, your environment, and your employee’s quality of life.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with the Peninsula Cleaning team about our cleaning and disinfection services. You can give us a call, email, or fill out the Request a Quote box and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We’re excited to hear from you regarding all your commercial cleaning needs!