In addition to healthcare and commercial cleaning, there are other valuable services that Peninsula Cleaning Services, Inc., can provide to your Newport News, VA, facility. Certain types of projects, such as floor cleaning, are important but only require professional involvement on occasion.

Here is a quick preview of a few of the specialty services we offer for commercial offices and businesses within your community:

Hard Surface Floor Cleaning: Your high-traffic areas can wear and collect grime quickly. Our professional team can strip and wax your vinyl composite tile (VCT), polish your wood floors, and clean your tile and grout—all of which will brighten the space for your staff and leave a good first impression on customers.

Commercial Construction Cleaning: Whether your office is rebuilding, growing, moving, or remodeling, offices often need a little help cleaning up after construction projects. Contact our professional staff members to help remove excess dust, construction materials, and debris.

Carpet and Furniture Cleaning: Keep your furniture comfortable and carpet neat with our carpet and furniture cleaning services. We’ll keep them fresh and remove stains and odors. Regular cleaning will help to ensure your carpet and furniture last longer, too.

One-Time Deep Cleaning: Certain times require specialty deep cleaning, such as preparing for an all-company meeting or planning to impress an important client. For these types of projects, your office might need a one-time deep cleaning from ceiling to floor. Allow us to make sure your whole office sparkles, whatever the reason!

Terminal Cleaning: Prevent the spread of pathogens in your healthcare facility with our professional terminal cleaning services. We’ll clean and sanitize high-touch and near-patient surfaces in your facility’s rooms and ensure that even the appearance of contamination is removed.

Peninsula Cleaning is here for all your specialty cleaning needs in Newport News, VA, and the surrounding communities. To learn more about the services listed above, or to ask about other types of cleaning your commercial space may need such as tile and grout cleaning, ceramic or concrete floor cleaning, upholstery cleaning, or carpet cleaning, please contact our professional staff members today.