Do you run a business and you need something more than a regular cleaning service? Have you heard about specialty commercial cleaning, but you aren’t sure what it entails and why it is better than traditional cleaning services? If you run a doctor’s office or a business where you have an influx of clients coming through your business, you may want to invest in specialty commercial cleaning. These types of cleanings will ensure that your business stays compliant, and they can also help your bottom line.

What Is Specialty Commercial Cleaning?

Specialty commercial cleaning is a type of cleaning that requires specific procedures and products. Those who conduct specialty commercial cleanings must handle the products properly because these types of products are dangerous if applied incorrectly. Specialty commercial cleaning crews are trained to handle each product and which substances should not go on certain surfaces. Some specialty cleaning jobs involved intense and thorough disinfection.

What Kinds of Surfaces Does Specialty Commercial Cleaning Include?

Specialty commercial cleaning usually cleans high-traffic areas such as waiting rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and more. They also can clean up your interior and exterior windows if needed.

Seasonal Cleaning

In areas like Norfolk, where there are high winds, floods, storms, and other seasonal challenges, your business may need routine outdoor cleanings. If you have outdoor areas to clean, you should partner with a specialty cleaning company that can help clean your dirty windows of any pollen, allergens, or other dirt. During the summertime, you may need someone to come landscape, while in the Spring, you will most likely need someone to come clean up to remove allergens.

Commercial Office Cleaning

Commercial offices, schools, doctor’s offices, and retail stores see a wide variety of people each day, and each of these spaces has its own cleaning protocols. With the rise of the coronavirus pandemic, many of these places had to create cleaning protocols to keep viruses and other illnesses at bay. Floors and frequently used areas such as waiting room chairs, door handles, and bathrooms are at risk for exposure to the virus. To protect your guests and your staff members from getting sick, it is best to have a specialty cleaning company come to clean and disinfect your office space.

Does Specialty Commercial Cleaning Include Disinfecting?

Yes, professional commercial cleaning services include disinfecting. At its very root, these professional commercial cleaning companies do regular day-to-day cleanings to disinfect and sanitize your areas. If you have a medical office that needs cleaning, a professional cleaning company will make sure that they follow proper HIPPA and OSHA protocols.

Certain areas in a doctor’s office need more intense cleanings than other areas. For example, your cleaning crew will come and disinfect chairs and doorknobs with a specific disinfectant, and they will use a more intense cleaning procedure for patient rooms.

Does Specialty Commercial Cleaning Include Deep Cleaning Carpets or Refinishing Floors?

Yes, specialty commercial cleanings can include deep cleaning carpets or refinishing floors. Keep in mind that depending on the company you partner with; you will most likely need to pay extra for that type of service. Usually, specialty cleaning services come with deep sanitizing, disinfecting, sweeping, and mopping of high traffic areas or designated areas. If you need any buffing, deep cleaning of carpets, or refinishing services, they will be an extra cost.

Does Specialty Cleaning Include Furniture Cleaning?

Specialty cleaning services include furniture cleaning if needed, but just like deep cleaning carpets or refinishing floors, it may come at an extra cost depending on the type of furniture. If you opt for this service, they will clean, protect, and deodorize your furniture. Suppose the furniture you need cleaned is not made of a problematic type of material. In that case, your cleaning company will most likely add the furniture with deep cleaning services without any additional costs.

Does Specialty Commercial Cleaning Handle High Traffic Areas on Flooring?

Yes, specialty commercial cleaning companies handle high traffic areas on flooring. This will help minimize any diseases or viruses from spreading. They will use EPA-approved disinfectants to sanitize high traffic areas on flooring properly

Is Specialty Commercial Cleaning Worth the investment?

Specialty Commercial Cleaning

Specialty commercial cleaning is worth the investment because of the many benefits it comes with. You won’t have to worry about meeting cleaning standards on your own when you hire a cleaning crew to come in. They have the expertise and knowledge on how to keep you and your business compliant. You also won’t have to delegate cleaning tasks to your staff members. They already have a lot of work that they must complete before their workday is over. Instead of trusting them to keep your business clean and compliant, it is best to reach out to a professional team of cleaners to take care of that.

What to Look For in a Specialty Cleaning Service

When reaching out to a professional cleaning company, they will ask you what your needs are. If you are unsure of what you need, they will help you analyze your business’s needs. Almost all specialty cleaning services are flexible and responsive to your needs. An experienced cleaning company will help you create a cleaning plan for your business. If you decide to partner with a specific company, ask if they offer regular cleaning services as well. The right professional cleaning team should also be skilled at dealing with non-standard cleaning situations and should know how to react to specific cleaning needs. You can also check out their reviews on the Better Business Bureau or on other third-party websites to see what other clients did or did not like about working with them.

Regular Janitorial Services vs. Specialty Cleaning

The main difference between regular janitorial services and specialty cleaning services is one is more in-depth than the others. Regular janitorial services usually entail taking out the trash, light sanitization, and light sweeping throughout the day. Your business may already have janitorial staff, but not a specialty cleaning company. Specialty cleaning services have the training to go beyond regular janitorial services. They can deep clean your business and do more tasks than a typical janitor would.

How Much Do Specialty Cleaning Services Cost?

Your commercial cleaning service will depend on several different factors:

  • Type of office space
  • How often do you need cleanings
  • Type of cleaning you need
  • How many people does the job need
  • The cleaning business’s rates

We may not have listed other factors, but those are the general factors that most cleaning companies use. Some cleaning companies charge their clients per hour, whereas others charge per square foot. On average, most specialty cleaning companies charge about $0.40 per square foot. Hospital settings or doctors’ offices must have higher quality of cleaning services.

They charge more in these types of settings because these office spaces need a specific level of sanitization. Companies that charge per hour may charge you between $25 to $75 an hour to complete the job.

DIY Cleaning vs. Hiring a Professional

When you hire a professional service to come to clean your business, they can help protect your customers and employees from illnesses. Hiring a professional cleaning service can also play a role in the success of your business. Without regular sanitization, your employees are at a higher risk of getting sick. If your employees get sick, they can’t work, which will directly affect your bottom line. Have you ever been inside a dirty restaurant, doctor’s office, or some other working environment, and it immediately turned you away? No one wants to be at or work at a place that is not cleaned regularly because it directly reflects the values of your business.

If you don’t care about your business being clean, how are your clients sure to know that you will provide top-tier care? No matter what business you run, it is crucial to have a high standard of cleanliness.

Clean Safe and Stay Compliant

Specialty commercial cleaning services are best for businesses with large influx of clients. It is also perfect for those who own medical practices. Making sure that your business stays at an optimal level of cleanliness will not only keep your employees and clients safe, but it also has the potential to affect your bottom line. If you are ready to create your cleaning plan and to be proactive about keeping your business up to par, contact us now. Our team is prepared to answer any questions you have about the cleaning process.